About Us

American Bass Club was developed by fishermen for fishermen. We are avid anglers and outdoorsmen and we are passionate about the conservation of the sport of bass fishing. We wanted to be able to offer a great tournament opportunity for the hard working American. This concept was spearheaded by American Bass Club president Dan Mundy. Dan started fishing when he was born, like most of you loves the outdoors and the sport of fishing. Just like many of you Dan has always had family obligations that were a priority above fishing tournaments. His boys played travel hockey, so for sixteen years he was committed to coaching and managing hockey to share in their experience. Now that they have moved forward and started their lives journey, Dan has the time to pursue his passion in the sport of fishing. Unfortunately, as you all know there are no really good paying tournament trails for the weekend warriors. Because of the frustration of trying to find tournaments that had decent payouts the concept of American Bass Club was born. We are passionate about being able to offer high paying tournament opportunities to the hard working American. Team tournaments that are structured so you can fish with your family or friend and that only consume one weekend out of the year. American Bass Club has also partnered with some of the best companies in the fishing industry to offer big discounts or contingencies to our members. We want to help our members gain access to quality products that are affordable and hope this will enhance each members outdoor experience. We want to thank you for becoming a member and hope that you have continued success in the sport of bass fishing.