Connect Scale App Instructions

You will need to go to your app store and install the Connect Scale App:

Once installed you will have to fill out your profile information. It is very important that you use the same email and team name as used when you registered at AmericanBass Club. If you don’t you will not be able to enter American bass Club events.

How do I pair my Scale with the ConnectScale App? Pair Scale Instructional Video

How do I pair my scale to the app? The scale must be connected through the ConnectScale Fishing App. Open app, go to the More Tab (Settings), under the top section (Bluetooth) on the Device field Tap to Select, make sure scale is powered on, tap Scan, Select ConnectScale 3 from Nearby device list. If you attempt to pair through the phones bluetooth settings page the app will not function properly.

How do I weigh a fish using the ConnectScale? Weight Fish Instructional Video

During the TournamentPrior to the start of each event you will receive a invitation in your ConnectScale App. You must accept the invitation. Once accepted the tournament will then show up in your Connect Scale App under the Events tab My Events. When you catch a fish you will need to place your catch on a Bump Board and take a picture.

This can be done first or within the ConnectScale App. Next weigh your catch on the ConnectScale till it holds (locks) the weight. Once it locks you will see this Edit The Catch.

Make sure the Share Map (GPS) Location is on for all Regional Qualifiers and National Championship events. This is not public only the tournament director can access the locations for win verification. This is whare you add your photo. Scroll down in the ConnectScale App

Make sure the Event Code is entered for the correct event before saving this catch. Once complete save the catch. In this example the Event Code is SM2022.

We have set up two online tournamentsfor you to practice using your ConnectScale. Online Big Small Mouth Event code SM2022 and Online Big Largemouth Event Code LM2022. See Big Bass Tournament Rules for more information.

My Scale will still not pair with my Android device, I’ve tried previous steps, what do I do now? Go to Bluetooth Settings - Disable bluetooth by Sliding off. Then wait 3 seconds and enable again by sliding on. This should reset the device bluetooth setting to enable you to pair scale through the app.

My scale shows it is connected to bluetooth but it will not transfer weight to the app? Make sure you do not have power save enabled on your mobile device. Depending on the setting your bluetooth will connect and then unpair to device if power save is enabled.

My scale will not lock in on weight how do I get it to lock? Make sure you have the Auto Hold feature enabled on the scale. To turn hold on/off you tap and hold the TARE button for 3 seconds. ON indicates the auto hold feature is enabled and OF indicates the auto hold feature is disabled. The ConnectScale 3 is a hanging scale, if you are on an unstable boat with rough water conditions and can not hold the scale steady it may not lock in.

Will the app work in areas without data coverage? The app is designed for the core features to function when in areas without coverage. However you must already be logged into the app and have it open in the background before entering an area without data coverage. The Scale works with bluetooth and will transmit data to the app without data coverage as long as the scale is paired to the device and app. One note when adding photos to a catch in an area with no service or limited/slow data coverage, please take photos of your catch with the native camera app on your device and upload photos to your catches in the ConnectScale app when you return to a good internet signal